“In a constantly changing world you design a building that – when a second or third user presents himself – can be transformed to meet new wishes and requirements, tailored to the purpose for which it is intended …”

Transformation is the conversion of vacant properties – such as offices or healthcare institutions – into newly desired functions, such as homes.

For example, one third of vacant offices or social property can be transformed into homes, taking into account location, quality of life and embedding in a neighbourhood.

Transformation is usually faster than new construction and also cheaper for buildings where many elements can be retained. In addition, the social benefits are higher: it prevents vacancy and deterioration.

From our office we fully tailor the transformation design to the new residents of the building.

This might include starters in the housing market such as students, young people or migrant workers. Seniors, who continue to live independently for longer, are also a growing target group. In addition, many properties are being made suitable for social rentals.

Together with the client, we at Alberts & Van Huut prepare transformation buildings for their new sustainable future. The future residents and their well-being are central to our efforts through an optimal amalgamation of form, material, colour and of course also the square metres and new technology.