“Looser, freer forms, called organic forms, make us feel more friendly and harmonious. They primarily stimulate our intuitive development…”

“Living Architecture” is a form of architecture that is inspired by nature and is based on beauty and harmony. It teaches us that the design and layout of a building influence our well-being and happiness. The use of organic architectural principles can avoid negative influences and stimulate the positive.

In “Living Architecture” people and their well-being form the starting point of the design. An optimal fusion of square meters, shape, material, colour and technology results in a healthy living environment as well as a proven higher economic productivity.

The buildings and the materials, shapes and colours used can be considered as a spatial enclosure. Compare it to people who wear a garment as a cover.

“Living Architecture” uses visual beacons to stimulate human imagination. It stimulates visual associations and makes them visible.

Architecture acquires a meaning that enables everyone to relate to his or her images of it. These images not only benefit the eye, but also feelings, emotions and consciousness.

“Living Architecture” respects the environment and contributes in the most natural way to possible solutions for environmental technology, in which sustainability and low CO2 emissions are paramount.