Styling and Art

A good combination of art and architecture is an important contribution to a stimulating environment.
Human beings are often in the same space or environment. It is important that, that space or environment encourages creative thinking and promotes maximum inspiration. This creates a fascinating dialogue between art, architecture and man. Art and architecture speak a universal language and can provoke feelings, can touch your hearth, make you happy or even shock.
Art and architecture can also give you spiritual experiences. It connects the visible with the invisible.

The two have a close relationship and together they form a unity, as an expression of live.

A Great man is he who does not lose his childlike heart, Meng Tse

Applied glass art

Town Hall, Sint Michielsgestel
The Netherlands
Total area: 5300 m²

ING Headquarters, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Total area: 58.000 m²

Town Hall, Borger Odoorn
The Netherlands
Total area: 4.350 m²


Lazuur techniques

Lazuur at the Gasunie, Groningen
The Netherlands
Total area: 45.000 m²

Lazuur at Theatre ”Het Park”, Hoorn
The Netherlands
Total area: 11.812 m²


In and Outdoor Decoration

Designed by Alberts & Van Huut
and Ton Mensenkamp

Artist: Patricia Sterke



Bamboo Table
Design by: Alberts & Van Huut

Chair design
Design by: Alberts & Van Huut

Glass Art

Water Pitcher with drinking glasses
Designed by: Hima Pellikaan