Max van Huut

Max van Huut was born on the 7th of December 1947 in Batavia. He lives in the Netherlands since 1958 and studied at the Higher Technical Institute and at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam.

Before he joined Ton Alberts practice in 1975 Max van Huut worked at several architecture practices. After the first big projects: the Headquarters of the NMB Bank in Amsterdam south east (today called the ING bank), which he designed with Ton Alberts, he became his partner in 1987.

He worked on many different projects, including houses, offices, factories, schools, churches, theaters, sport centers, elderly homes, hospitals and several conversions and renovations. In 2005-2006 he was professor in Organic Architecture and had a lectureship at the Technika Universita Liberec in the Czech Republic. Exhibits featuring the work of the office were held over the years.

Max van Huut gives lectures and workshops on organic architecture. The integration of nature and architecture is the main source in the philosophy of the organic architecture. Esoteric philosophy, nature, human movement and measurement, dance and sport are the starting points of the design. His goal is to create a valuable new addition to humanity and the environment.