Landscape design, Gasunie Headquarters, Groningen

One of the major starting-points in the design of the new building was, next to multi-efficiency and flexibility, to create a hearth for the Gasunie. Bringing all the people working for the Gasunie together does not only result in a €œcalculated€ efficiency but also gives them a feeling of belonging together. A huge vertical €œindoor street€ forms the binding element between the different floors. As much attention was paid to the inside as the outside. The organic character of the design is echoed throughout the interior of the building, even down to the specifically designed furniture. One of the most striking features of the interior is the use of colour in the foyer and stairwell. The architect chose earth tones for the structural elements like the columns and central pillar of the stairwell, to symbolize the building€™s attachment to the ground.

More atmospheric€™ shades are used for the other components, ranging through all the colours of the rainbow. The staircase, which connects floors and people is located in the middle of the building. The walking distances are kept short to enhance the communication.


Total area: 45.000 m²

Awards received for the Gasunie, Groningen


Public€™s Prize Amsterdam National Painting Award, prize given for the contribution to the aesthetic and functional qualities of colour use in the new Head Office Gasunie Building, Groningen.


Head Office Gasunie Building, Groningen  1st place  €œMost beautiful building of Holland € readers newspaper Trouw

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