Elderly Health Care Center ‘De Stichtse Hof’, Laren

A home for people with dementia

Elderly Health Care Centre “De Stichtse Hof” lies just outside the city of Laren in a beautiful, wooded area.

The garden of the home is beautifully landscaped and has several objects that stand along a trail. There is also a petting farm. The garden was designed to become a place for experiencing and wandering. The colors of the building and the interiors are warm and expressive. There are single and double rooms and multiple shared homey livingrooms for about eleven or twelve residents. The residents live in small groups and have a direct passage to the beautiful ‘courtyard’ garden. The units are located around atriums belonging to the semi-public area.

For our client, Vivium Zorggroep (Vivium Health Care Group), there were a few key principles for the design of the Stichtse Hof in Laren: it had to be homey, with lots of privacy, a good atmosphere and not looking like a major institution. It had to become a building that has everything to optimally care for the target group and, equally important, an environment in which employees could work with pleasure. We used natural materials, warm colors and human dimensions that provide protection and tranquility for residents, staff and guests.

The plan is manifested in organic, freer forms and the buildings are embracing some beautiful old trees, that we did spare by ‘simply’ designing around it. Built with nature, in stead of against her. In a way, those trees were our clients too!

Walking through the complex you will see a series of images that vary considerably, depending on your point of view. You could compare this with a kaleidoscope. Throughout the building, it creates places with its own character and perception, therefor making places very recognizable for the residents.

Total area: 9.568 m²