Theatre and Convention Centre ”Het Park”, Hoorn

A building as a transition from water to land…

Theatre and Convention Centre ‘Het Park’ in Hoorn is located on De Hoornse Hop, a cove of the ‘Markermeer’, and has an entrance connected to the centre of Hoorn by means of a red carpet.

A contest allowed the people of Hoorn to choose from the remaining two designs selected by the city council. An overwhelming 82% chose for our design. The venue has a large theatre hall with a stage floor of 30x20m with 920 seats and a smaller auditorium with 250 seats or 500 standing places.

Due to the liberal use of glass, the theatre is transparent and has a magnificent view on the water. The restaurant, conference rooms and offices are separately accessible . A lot of wood and glass is applied in the colorful interior. The materials have a strong relationship with the environment, the water and the ‘Dutch light’. The stage tower of titanium, for example, communicates strongly with the light and the many windows provide excellent visibility on the water of De Hoornse Hop.

The theatre has a parking in the basement, also accessible for non-visitors.

Theatre and Convention Centre ‘Het Park’ is a pleasure for the people who go to the theater, as well as the artists who do their work in there.

Total area: 11.812 m²

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