Theatre ”Cultureel Kwartier”, Sneek

The new €˜Green€™ Theatre lies in the historic center of Sneek, the theatre has a new constructed and a renovated part. The theater has 600 seats. The theatre hall has perfect acoustics thanks to the shape of the space and good sight lines to ensure an optimal experience of the show. It€™s possible to access the green roof from the theatre hall, the several patios provide daylight into the rooms below and around them. One patio also serves as a smoking area for visitors and another for the artists.

The theatre has several sustainable applications; daylight in the theater hall and stage floor for employees during daytime, maximum use of natural ventilation, ecological materials such as bamboo. In the process, the objective has been to preserve the intended program of functional requirements and aesthetic concept to achieve far-reaching optimizations when it comes to interpretation of architectural and installation technical solutions. The cloakroom and toilets are on basement level and are created in the former basement of the post office that was the previous building before the construction of the theatre took place.

The theatre breathes an atmosphere of a €˜€™getaway€™€™ from the daily routine and bring visitors into another world. A theatre full of wonder and imagination, where the imagination is triggered and that stimulates creativity.


photographer: Ruben van Vliet
photographer: Simon Bleeker: