”de Bovenlanden”, Amstelveen

The office complex planned out by Ton Alberts and Max van Huut for the international firm KPMG is a paradigmatic example of their imaginative methodology. The concept of organic architecture professed by these builders is the basic principle that guides all of their planning. This style attempts to link structural forms with the surrounding environment, employing the simplest of materials like brick and wood, and introducing water, light, greenery and other natural elements into the language. The goal of this singular vision is to create an interior and exterior mood that enables the individual to feel a spiritual affinity with his or her architectural milieu, at work or at home. The architects are also trying to reflect the utopian potential of the city in their work. The vital and dynamic expressiveness of the office complex is a product of this fusion of the ideal and the real planes.

The project is located in the Dutch city of Amstelveen, whose history of town planning throws some light on various facets of the configuration of this new structure. During the seventies the plan for the city centre designated one sector, the Bovenlanden, for the construction of the office buildings. This zone, separated from the commercial centre by the A-9 motoway and subsequently linked to it by a tunnel, was acquired by the PGGM Pensioenfonds company in 1967.

Total area: 50:000 m²