Apartment buildings ”De Bijenberg”, Barneveld

Apartment building “Bijeberg” in Barneveld (The Netherlands) is a lively shaped residential building with integrated health care and several facilities for the elderly it is a very complete design with a wide variety of 148 apartments from approximately 85 to 180 m2, divided over three to nine floors. The clear visual language of the building invites people to a different way of thinking about modern living. It’s a complete environment, with several important features literally at the foot of the building, they also provide and enhance the neighborhood. For the right balance between dynamism and tranquillity an intimate courtyard is developed, where the inhabitant will encounter a variety of green spaces, ponds and places to relax. The oasis that arises, the play between light and shadow offers the residents a garden in every aspect a real experience.

The garden was designed in collaboration with Landscape Architect Jørn Copijn.

Total area: 27.900 m²