Apartment complex €œDe Nieuwe Baten€™€™, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

Essential during the design of €˜€™De Nieuwe Baten€™€™ is that the human scale is tangible and visible, so people will feel at ease. We designed a harmonious variety of shapes and colors in order to prevent the build of monotonous architecture and to create an inspiring whole. With playful shapes, varied colors, honeycomb frames and small kinks in a gallery facade prevents the feeling of massiveness.

In the design we took special interest looking at the surroundings, such as the height of the surrounding buildings and through a gradual increase in height in our design the transitions provide a natural image. We have also aligned the building with existing sight lines that connect the building with the environment. You can demolish unsightly buildings, but you can also choose to add something beautiful. This can give an enormous quality boost to a whole area. This building has the quality to make its surroundings beautiful. It connects old and new together.
There is a tendency to design buildings with a life span of 40 years, but with the client we try to design buildings with an eternal value. This apartment complex lives up to the credo €œreal estate always retains its value”, despite the economic downturn in the construction industry.

30 rental apartments, 70 condominiums, 4,000 m² social property, parking 150 spaces