Health Care “Wartburg”, Utrecht

The human scale and wellbeing in and around the building are the main principles of the design. This is reflected in the materials. In the new building there is extensive use of sustainable, natural materials, such as wood, glass and aluminium. Aluminium may not have a sustainable image, but it lasts a long time and it is reusable. It also comes back in the garden design, which has a natural character that matches the architectural design. The glass facade at the entrance gives the building an open, inviting, bright and spacious character and is an example of how the building and its surroundings complement each other. The floor plan embraces and complements the original building from 1942.

The healthcare branch increasingly tries to design healing environments. Environments that encourage recovery. This building aims to achieve this with the design of the building. Daylight can enter the building well, we make use of a lot of dynamic lighting. This form of lighting, where the color and intensity of the lights approaches actual daylight, is placed in the common rooms on the psycho geriatric wards. Furthermore, a dynamic floor-heating system ensures a comfortable environment. There is a nice inner garden embraced by the building, as well as a lot of green on the other side of the building. Furthermore, we used natural materials and a color scheme of warm and natural colors.

The project includes 24 closed ward apartments, 24 intramural, 74 extramural, 30 new nursing places and 34 renovated nursing places. There is 24-hour health care available for the residents and “De Wartburg” organizes several “Time Sharing” activities for the residents, families and neighbors to keep to everyone involved with each other and active members of society.