Health Care ”Reinaldahuis”, Haarlem

Reinaldahuis is the largest nursing home for the elderly in The Netherlands and is anchored in its surroundings. At the start of the design, we initially focused on the existing landscape, urban planning and spatial planning. An important aspect of the urban design approach was the public accessibility of the inner area between the different building blocks of the care center and the connections with the public road. The Reinaldahuis is visible from a great distance and is iconic for this part of Haarlem. The silhouette manifests itself clearly when coming out of the direction of Amsterdam. A clear urban development landmark has emerged in which the height is aligned with the existing apartment buildings at the Leonard Springerlaan.

This project includes, a nursing home, health center, restaurant and several shops like a small super market, a laundry service, hairdressing salon, a beauty centre and a fashion store. Other facilities in the building include a library, a swimming pool with sports centre, a general practitioner, 24-hour home care and basement parking, a lot of these facilities are available for the neighborhood. There are many types of apartments and studios in the building, with and without extra health care. All the apartments or studios have their own kitchen, although it is still possible to have a fresh meal delivered to the room. The interior design is characterized by a consistent continuation of materials, colors and colors forms from the outside to the inside, creating a natural and pleasant atmosphere.

Reinaldahuis provides lots of time sharing activities for the residents, families and neighbors to keep to everyone involved with each other and active members of society.

– 120 care apartments intramural (according to circular building principle),
– 120 rental apartments with care indication
– 68 private owner apartments including 4 penthouses
– 30 nursing home beds (category heavy)
– 800 m2 library with an (internet) cafe and reading corner in the atrium
– General practices for physiotherapy
– A neighborhood-oriented pharmacy
– A neighborhood-oriented restaurant
– A small supermarket
– Parking garage, partly under the building

Total area: 44.000 m²