Regional Education Center, (ROC), Oss

The observation that the building does not look like a school is surely a wonderful compliment. For it was the intention of the Regionaal Opleidingscentrum (Regional Education Centre) ‘De Leijgraaf’ to have an atypical building to represent the school image. ROC De Leijgraaf wanted to make ‘a statement’ to the province of Northeast Brabant and show that there is a vibrant, modern educational facility located in this region.

Flexibility and diversity was a very important objective for the design. It has a great variety of learning methods; learning takes place individually, in small or larger groups. There are several learning, reading and discussion areas for the students, tutor rooms, quiet areas for reading and open learning spaces, all with multimedia access. Despite the many modern education facilities in this building, it is still very important to remember the basic principles of education: “Learning can only be possible in a safe and nurturing environment.”

2006 Winner of the Architecture Public Prize by the: Designers Circle, Oss

Total area: 10.040 m²