Broad Based, primary school ”Het Bovenland”, Amsterdam test

Built in the ecological zone “De Groene As” (The Green Axis), which unites a large and small natural area and also inspired by the atmosphere and scale of the nearby unique village of Sloten, primary school “Het Bovenland” shows itself as a friendly, safe and recognizable school building. The building houses a primary school, playgroup and a gym, also open for sports to the neighborhood when not in use by the children of the school.

The colorful building has a green roof and is built with durable and natural materials. The technique fully complies with the requirements of a ‘Frisse School’ (Fresh School), Dutch guidelines for schools to have low energy consumption and a healthy indoor environment when it comes to air quality, temperature and comfort, light and sound.

All the classrooms therefor have windows that can open parts of more than 2m². The school has full mechanical ventilation (supply and exhaust) with heat recovery calculated to have the most desired CO2 concentrations and is equipped with underfloor heating. The school has gained Energy Label A.

The functionality and flexibility were a major priority from the beginning of the design given the number of users of the school. It therefore has various areas that can be separately used at different times of the day and by different users. This is achieved by the manner in which various functions are situated. As a result, the spaces have become interchangeable. The classrooms with flexible walls are located around the main hall, so they can serve to have meetings for both small and large gatherings.

Total area: 2.665 m²

Pictures Official opening 19th of Oct. 2012