“La Défense” Paris – France

The French government held an architectural competition for two ministeries and an international communications center on the historic east-west axis of Paris. The building houses offices, commercial premises, hotels, restaurants etc.

The design is situated at the end of this magical 8-kilometer-long urban axis from the Louvre, Arc De Triomphe and Champs Elysees. The building is designed with French natural stone, typical of the old buildings in Paris. The main restaurant is at 60 meters clearly visible, due to the round design. The height is determined to create visibility from the square of The Louvre.

In our design, the ministeries are housed in two monumental towers of 175 meters high. The facades are made of polished glass and rose-red granite. A huge light sculpture formed by laser beams provides an additional dimension for the evening. The two towers are connected by a lower middle part that offers space for communications and public services such as restaurants and shops. 

Total area : 158.000 m²