Alberts & Van Huut

Who we are

Alberts & Van Huut International Architects is an international studio for architecture, planning and design specialized in Living Architecture. We are active since 1963 and are pioneers in the field of sustainable development.

Organic Architecture

Living architecture is a form of architecture inspired by nature and based on beauty and harmony. It teaches us the design and layout of a building influences our wellbeing and happiness. The use of organic architectural principles can avoid negative influences and stimulate the positive. Harmony between the natural and newly created forms is important. In organic architecture people and their wellbeing are the starting point of the design. An optimal fusion of area, shape, material, color and technique results in good health and higher economic productivity. The buildings and its used materials, shapes and colors can be considered as a shell, like humans wearing a garment as a protection.

Living architecture highly respects the environment and contributes in the most natural way, to possible “solutions” for environmental engineering, where sustainability and low CO2 emission are leading.

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