Theatre and Congress ”Het Park”, Hoorn

The contest allowed people to choose from the remaining two designs which would be realized. 82% chose the design of Alberts & Van Huut! The forecourt of the theatre lies in an important line of sight €˜The Breed€™ from the centre of Hoorn. The theatre is a transparent building with a magnificent view over the water. In the theatre and Congress Centre is a large hall with a stage floor of 30x20m with 920 seats, and a small hall with 250-500 seating / standing places. It is possible to park 140 cars in the basement, also for non-visitors. The restaurant, conference rooms and offices are accessible separately. A lot of wood and glass is applied in the colourful interior. (Lazuur-technique: transparent colours over each other, is used on the walls in the foyer and halls. Thus creating a colourful whole.)

Total area: 11.812 m²

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