Museum ”De Buitenplaats”, Eelde

In organic architecture, the human being is the starting point of design, and his well-being, our goal, is enhanced through the optimal merging of environment, form, material, color and technique.

Color, material and form are as veils around an idea, just as clothing is a veil to the individual.
The choice is respect for Nature in her own nature. The creation is silent architecture absorbed in and through the environment. Ecology, milieu and sustainability. Special attention for a long life span, low maintenance materials and organic forms. Through our vision of landscape, town planning and architecture, we strive to evoke an ever more beautiful expression from nature: to bring nature to a higher expression.

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3d tour of Museum de Buitenplaats

3d exposition Alberts & Van Huut Museum de Buitenplaats

Total area: 1000 m²

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