La Defence, Paris

The French government held an architectural competition for two ministeries and an international communications center on the historic east-west axis of Paris.

In our design, the ministeries established in two monumental towers 175 meters high. The facades of these, made of polished glass and rose-red granite. This building as a landmark indicating the way to the centre of Paris. A huge light sculpture formed by laser beams provides an additional dimension for the evening. The two towers are connected by a lower middle part that offers space for communications and public services such as restaurants and shops. The design is not only monumental but very human.
The adjacent pedestrian level is an attractive area with its rich figuration and the rich green vegetation with trees that organic continues into the building.The almost complete absence of columns provides optimal accesibility and usability. A building that connects the present with the past and the future.

Total area : 158.000 m²

Workers : 9000

Visitors : 5300 a day